Focus of the company

  • development projects of new buildings and premises
  • reconstruction of purchased real estate
  • administrative and warehouse areas
  • housing and civic amenities
  • revitalization of sites within cities

Company activities

  • projects of new buildings and complexes
  • reconstruction of purchased properties
  • securing the necessary permits
  • construction of engineering networks
  • project realization
  • sale of finished real estate


We deal with self-directed construction, purchase and possession of real estate with regard to its investment potential.

Our development activities include the purchase of land for a specific investment project, or the purchase of land with a project, subsequent construction and then the sale or lease of the property to the target customer. We offer investors a complete turnkey implementation of an investment project or a search for a suitable investment opportunity.

We place emphasis on resolved property relations and construction on the basis of a well-developed project and issued building permit. During the construction process we carry out quality control of the construction works. After the building is approved, the building is entered into the Land Registry or a lease agreement is signed. Finally, we hand over the keys to the finished property to the customer.


APASON Invest s.r.o.
Ustredni 388/18
102 00 Prague 10 – Sterboholy
Czech Republic

company ID: 09656472
VAT no.: CZ09656472
P: +420 214 214 852
data box: 65twtsb