Focus of the company

  • product design
  • transport design
  • product marketing
  • graphic design

Company activities

  • product and transport design
  • project Management
  • defining new sales leads
  • creating and setting up a product or communication strategy
  • segmentation, targeting and product positioning
  • competitor analysis and design of measures
  • creation of graphic design and corporate identity


The Czech design studio bété deals mainly with product and transport design. We are able to lead a project from the first sketch through design work, prototyping to ensuring the production of the finished product. We can accompany everything with product marketing and professional photography. Our clients include BMW, Ford, Škoda Auto and Kofola. We also work on our own projects. The studio has directed studies of the BT 133 RS, BT Cross Coupé and BT GranCoupé.

In the broad field of marketing, we specialize in marketing consulting with a focus on product marketing and marketing communications. We offer services ranging from creating a marketing specification for a single product to creating a comprehensive marketing strategy.

We also focus on the creation of graphic design and corporate identity. Being perceived positively by potential customers is the foundation of your success. If you are to appear professional and convincing, you need to put yourself in the hands of experts with a flair for compelling design backed by a marketing approach. Only then will it appear clean and harmonious, as it will fully correspond to the rules of corporate identity. In graphic design, we focus mainly on graphic design for websites and printed materials. In the area of corporate identity, we specialize in logo and logotype design, as well as the development of a complete design manual. 


bété s.r.o.
Ustredni 388/18
102 00 Prague 10 – Sterboholy
Czech Republic

company ID: 03609677
VAT no: CZ03609677
P: +420 214 214 852
data box: hbzs7v5