Focus of the company

  • shopping centre management
  • management of residential buildings
  • management of housing units

Company activities

  • fulfilling legal obligations in the management of real estate
  • providing technical and economic operation of real estate
  • setting the economics and return on investment

APASON Property

We are a Czech company that manages a closed-end real estate fund throughout the Czech Republic. We manage shopping centres, residential buildings and individual housing units.

We provide comprehensive property management and administration including additional services. In our management we focus on the fulfilment of legal obligations as well as on the economic operation and economic yield of the properties we manage.



APASON Property a.s.
Ustredni 388/18
102 00 Prague 10 – Sterboholy
Czech Republic

company ID: 04217390
VAT no.: CZ04217390
P: +420 214 214 852
data box: xdp6end